Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ethical Diamonds

For those of you that love diamonds but are concerned with the way in which they are mined, please check out, Igloo Diamonds of Canada. I have worked with a few clients that purchased their Engagement diamonds from them and had them set locally.

Igloo Diamonds mission is to offer an ethical alternative to the existing diamond product and purchase process, by selling diamonds that can be acquired with the clearest of conscience, offer a moving and rewarding experience to the buyer and recipient, and, as importantly, better the world.

To that end, we sell only clearly clean origin Canadian diamonds, cut to perfection under highest labour standards, all GIA and AGS graded, and have them also clear, each, a designated plot in a minefield in Mozambique, all, in conformity with fair trade principles and while playing an active ethical role in the world.

This we achieve through the allocation of close to one half their gross profit to the cause.

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